Deciphering the Code of Neurodegeneration: The Science of ALTA Drug Candidates

Harnessing Molecular Precision to Combat Neuronal Damage

TDP-43 could be the root cause of neurodegeneration

Normally, this protein is highly expressed during early development, but should gradually disappear when neurons mature and gain adult functions.

A Swift Strike Against Neurotoxicity

If called up later in life, TDP-43 is extremely toxic and can disable adult neurons within 3 weeks. By blocking its source of toxicity, nucleic acid binding, our drugs have the potential to simultaneously eliminate multiple pathological markers.

Discovering Breakthrough Therapies to Transform Lives

Advancing Science for Better Health Outcomes

At Alteron Therapeutics, we are committed to developing first-in-class TDP-43 inhibitors to address the unmet needs of patients with neurodegenerative disorders and cystic fibrosis.

Innovative Research for Future Therapies

Our research pipeline focuses on advancing novel TDP-43 inhibitors through rigorous preclinical and clinical trials.

Collaborating for Scientific Excellence

We actively seek collaborations with leading scientists and institutions to accelerate the development of groundbreaking therapies.

Unleashing the Power of Alteron's Medicines


Incubated and graduated from the Innovation Center in Western Michigan University School of Medicine


Efficacy study was performed by the Jackson Lab using an ALS mouse model expressing the wildtype human TDP-43 gene


Further advance the preclinical studies and file patents in national phases

2023 - Future

Launching IND-enabling studies for ALTA-808 and IND filing