Finding Cures For Neurodegeneration and Cystic Fibrosis

Fueling Hope and Transforming Lives with Breakthrough Science

Unmet Medical Needs

Confronting Incurable Diseases with Hope

In the realm of ALS, Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal lobar degeneration, and cystic fibrosis, the lack of effective treatments presents a dire need. These incurable diseases, affecting countless lives, underscore the urgency of our mission to develop groundbreaking therapies that can bring hope and relief to patients worldwide.

TDP-43 Toxicity

Decoding TDP-43

TDP-43 accumulation, prevalent in various neurodegenerative diseases, shifts from being essential in early development to highly toxic in adult neurons. This toxicity, causing dysfunction across different models, highlights the importance of targeting TDP-43 to combat the underlying cause of these debilitating conditions.

Strategic Innovation

Redirecting Neurodegenerative Therapies

Our strategic innovation lies in addressing neurodegeneration at its source - TDP-43. This protein's late-life toxicity is a major contributor to neuronal damage. By inhibiting its nucleic acid binding, our approach offers a multifaceted solution, potentially halting or reversing multiple neurodegenerative processes.

Therapeutic Breakthrough

Our ALTA Drugs

The ALTA drug series marks a therapeutic breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases. By specifically targeting the guanine pocket of TDP-43, ALTA compounds disrupt its detrimental interactions, offering a unique and promising avenue in the quest to alleviate these complex conditions.

Precision-Engineered ALTA Drugs: A New Frontier in Neurodegenerative Therapy

Precision Targeting

ALTA drugs exhibit precision targeting by binding to TDP-43 at the guanine pocket, as evidenced by NMR structures and molecular docking techniques. This specificity heralds a new era in neurodegenerative disease management.

Optimized Delivery and Efficacy

Our leading drug candidate is designed for optimum patient convenience and efficacy, being orally bioavailable, capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, and demonstrating the potential to rapidly reverse ALS symptoms with an excellent safety profile.

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